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Hawaii Baptist Foundation - Affiliations

The Hawaii Baptist Foundation (HBF) was established in 1974 by the Hawaii Baptist Convention, since 1997 known as the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention (HPBC).  The HPBC serves cooperating churches in the state of Hawaii and in various locations in the Pacific Ocean region. Initially HBF was governed by the Executive Board of HPBC.


In 1993 the HPBC was reorganized, with two of its institutions being established as affiliated corporations, governed by their own boards of directors, elected by the Executive Board of the HPBC (see Governance). One was Hawaii Baptist Academy (HBA), an outstanding K-12 school in Honolulu.  The other was Hawaii Baptist Foundation in Honolulu.


HBF maintains a close affiliation with the HPBC and HBA, each doing what it can to support the work of the others.  Though each organization has somewhat different short term objectives, they share the same ultimate goals.

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