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Hawaii Baptist Foundation - Governance

The Hawaii Baptist Foundation (HBF) is an affiliate of the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention (HPBC).


Members of HPBC churches elect messengers to HPBC’s annual meeting.  Those messengers elect the HPBC Executive Board which makes decisions for the HPBC between annual meetings.  The Executive Board elects the Directors of Hawaii Baptist Foundation and receives status reports from the Foundation at all of their regular meetings.


HBF’s board is made up of eight Christian business professional men and women, all active members of Hawaii Pacific Baptist churches. Amongst other things, they are chosen for their professional skills, financial acumen, personal integrity, and spiritual commitment. 


There are an additional three non-voting board members that serve on the board by virtue of the office they hold.  They are the full-time Executive Director/Treasurer and the annually elected volunteer President of the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention, and the President of the Hawaii Baptist Foundation.


We are fortunate to have an experienced diverse group of directors that oversee the staff and the work of the Hawaii Baptist Foundation.  We are also fortunate to have a small devoted staff that is eager to serve Christian stewards.

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