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Hawaii Baptist Foundation - Christian Giving Approaches

 The first steps in planned giving are often the most difficult.  The first step may be to decide what portion, of what the Lord has blessed you with, you want to leave as a legacy that serves and glorifies Christ.  

There are Hawaii Baptists living today who have already taken these exciting steps.  They have made plans to ensure that what they have today will continue to support the cause of Christ well beyond their lifetime.  Three of the most common approaches to deciding what portion to give are tithing your estate, giving an equal share, and giving your estate twice.



Many Christians have tithed (given a tenth) of their earnings to their church for many years.  Few, however, realize that they probably haven’t tithed the value of their estate. Estates largely evolve not from earnings, but from appreciation in the value of stocks or real estate.

To tithe your estate, simply state in your will that 10% of the value of your estate be given to the Hawaii Baptist Foundation to pass on as you have directed to Kingdom causes.




You may wish to add the Lord’s work to your list of heirs of your estate.  For example, if you wish to provide for each of three children in your will, instruct that the value of your estate be divided four ways, with the fourth portion being given to Kingdom causes through the Hawaii Baptist Foundation.

Then write a simple letter to the Foundation with instructions regarding which Christian organizations you want the Lord’s share to go.  They will do the rest, including all the record keeping,  investing, and distributing; should you wish to provide ongoing, endowed support for the organization(s).




It’s possible to give the total value of your estate to your heirs and to the Lord’s work, over time. How?  By placing your estate in trust at the Hawaii Baptist Foundation, instructing the Foundation to make distributions to your heirs out of the earnings each year, until your heirs have received the same amount after taxes they would have received directly.  After several years, up to about 15, they will have received the full value of your estate and the principle of your estate will still be at the Foundation, to be distributed at that time to the Kingdom causes you designated.  You will have given your estate twice, once to your heirs, and once to the Lord’s work.

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